Don Toliver – Diamonds (Music Video)

    So i’d never heard of this man Don Tolliver in my life but all of the sudden he’s got a deal with Atlantic Records, he’s flying out to Hawaii to help Travis Scott finish his album and he’s getting a video premiere on The Fader. I’d blame that more on my ignorance and just the fact that I’m a little later on him than I am with most artists but certainly he’s got a lot of tools at his disposal now.

    Don’s a Houston native, which is why the Travis co-sign makes sense and not mention, Don’s making some damn good music. His sound’s a mix of trap and R&B, which is a very prominent thing right now but he does it well and he’s got his own flavor. I’m interested to see how his music is received and if he’s going to have Travis really riding for him and helping Don’s career. Go ahead and peep his brand new single and music video “Diamonds” up above and get hip.

    He also just dropped his brand new project Donny Womack so if you like what you hear from “Diamonds”, there’s 12 more songs where that came from including a feature from Dice Soho on this full length project. You can stream that below.