Artist Spotlight: CHELJI

This UK artist is rising quickly and it’s time to get hip. With a wide range of approaches to keep her music fresh and new, it’s hard to feel like Chelji gives us anything but her best on every song. Influenced by the American underground scene, as well as multiple international styles, she is able to craft songs that often blur genre lines in an attempt to connect across any scene. Dedicating herself to the lifestyle of an artist at a young age, Chelji has shown incredible growth these past couple of years and is ready to be exposed to a wider audience. This is gonna be one of those, “I knew her when…” artists that you’ll want to catch right now!

Peep the interview below to understand Chelji, and her music, even better:

So you began university at 15 focused on getting a degree in game and software development, what was that like for you being such a young age in such a mature setting?

Going to college so young was scary, I was in a classroom with 20-35 year olds at 15. Most of the time I sat in the corner working, minding my business. It also taught me a valuable lesson about accepting people, I had met a transgender woman. She was my only friend, I was theirs. We spent everyday together. We felt different.. she taught me alot about finding myself.

LIFE HACK : DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE. I’d get into fist fights defending her, still would ‘til this day.

You embraced the face-tats early on, can you describe what yours mean to you?

I got my first face tattoo before I made music. I didn’t really have a career path or a plan.. I just wanted to embrace the art and commitment it took to have one. My first one was ‘Love’ above my eyebrow, a couple days after my 18th Birthday. I wanted to put the most painful thing *to me* on display. Love is so beautiful, yet it can destroy a person & it reminds people to spread love… including myself. I have ‘my sacrifice’ under my eye in arabic, that’s for my music and LOVE gang. I gave up a part of the skin on my face for it so now I feel 110% ready to do this for life, I have already given up so much for music. On the side of my face I have ‘goodgirl’ – it reminds me to stay sober, as I did a lot of drugs in my past. I do not promote drug use, but I do accept people that use. Do whatever you want, just stay safe. Last one is a little star/twinkle under my eye, that one was a random decision. I got it in LA by @shonlindauer on IG. Great artist!

What is LOVE Gang?


It’s a movement. Don’t spread hate, spread love. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue and not reply to hateful comments … lovegang keeps me on track and reminds me to ignore. One day it’s gonna be worldwide.

Who are some figures in the underground you want to work with?

My music taste is very versatile, just depends what mood i’m in. I’ve been listening to a lot of grime & afro-basement lately. One underground artist I’d love to collab with one day would be shinigami – I’ve said this since the start. I think our voices would compliment each other beautifully.

Every artist has a reason for getting into music, what is yours?

My reason for making music at the start was pain. I got sad and drunk one day and made my first song, “know bout”. I had no idea how to write a song so I just repeated myself. People liked it, so I continued. Stayed awake late trying to structure a song and I figured it out on my own.

My main reason now is expression. My style changes everytime I jump on a mic – and being able to share my story and have people that relate is beautiful to me. I can sing about being heartbroken through R&B, EDM, rap., jazz… you name it…