Young Lord Churchill – I’m A Star

Artist names just seem to get more random and parodic each and every day and a new artist to look out for is a kid by the name of Young Lord Churchill. What’s tricky is you hear a funny sounding artist name and you’re automatically in your mind thinking that this isn’t supposed to be seriously good but this kid seriously is really really good.

He released the original version of this single “I’m A Star” back in the spring but now he’s back with an updated version, produced by Charlie Shuffler that’s ready to make some noise. This song is a beautiful example of using a bad situation and turning it into something positive. Young Lord Churchill has struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts and multiple stays in psychiatric wards. He puts a lot of those demons to wax on this song as he looks at his hurt in perspective and gives it to us in a beautiful way. This kid’s special as is this song. I’m really excited about this one so please check this out.