King Mez – Data Plan .001 (EP Stream)

I can’t believe it, King Mez is actually back with new music! He hasn’t released a new project since 2014, when he made some commotion with his Long Live The King project, which is such an extraordinary piece of music to me. We’ve seen a couple loose singles in the four years since but it’s been mostly silence from Mez. In that time he became a Dr. Dre disciple and assumedly a lot of music got stuck in the studio with Dre. He did get a few features on Dre’s Compton album, which is the most we’ve seen of Mez since 2014 but he’s also done some other behind the scenes writing work and other creative ventures so it’s not like he’s been doing nothing.

Mez was really one of my favorite rappers with his perfectly unique southern drawl in his flow that literally no rapper could replicate. I love his style and it’s great to see he’s finally back with something new that’s all his own. He just dropped a pair of new tracks “The Shift” and “Do Or Die” that are packaged together as Data Plan .001. Just from that EP title, I’m assuming that there’s more installments of this Data Plan series on the way. Regardless, I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of these two new songs because I’m famished.


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