bloody white – regular life

Soundcloud’s not the absolute powerhouse that it once was for a couple years but the platform is still an absolute goldmine for talented, undiscovered artists. The latest needle hidden in the haystack is bloody white, who’s got a lot of incredible songs on his Soundcloud already but a very quiet presence outside of the platform. I’m suggesting you go through his entire Soundcloud, but his latest track is this new one “regular life”. This song’s beautifully produced with it’s luscious chords and perfect synths. bloody transforms it nicely with his vocals. His voice has the perfect amount of grit and rawness to it, which I absolutely love. If there’s anything I hate it’s overproduction and that’s super far away from bloody’s music. This song somehow pulls off being a bit sad yet bouncy and fun at the same damn time. Peep that below and really dig into this man’s music, he’s special and I’m really looking forward to hearing more.

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