Dijon – Nicos Red Truck (Music Video)

I’ve been a big abhi//dijon fan for years but they’d always kept a low presence. Dijon, the singer of the duo broke away under his own moniker over the past year or so and he’s released songs with nice streaming success but still, it felt like he had the potential to be even bigger. Well Dijon just dropped this new song “Nicos Red Truck” and actually got in front of a camera for a music video for this one and I already know this is going to be his biggest song yet. This song itself is incredible. His style is usually a little more subdued but Dijon lets it fucking and displays his wondrous voice. This song gives me Frank Ocean feels for real. Please just hit play on this. It’s truly one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. Not to mention the Danica Kleinknecht directed video is nostalgically picturesque.