Trevor Daniel – Falling

Was just having the conversation about how Trevor Daniel legitimately hasn’t released a bad song. Ever since we started the Texas native in 2015, I don’t recall him dropping anything I didn’t like. He’s surely leveled up in those three years however. He’s part of the Internet Money team, who’s been behind the success of Juice Wrld and Bernard Jabs to name a couple. Trevor’s a little different because he’s not a rapper but they’re supplying him with production that fits his specific R&B pocket.

He just dropped this brand new single “Falling” that will serve as the lead single off his forthcoming EP and this genuinely has to be the best song he’s put out so far. This could be the one to pop. It’s got amazing melodies, beautiful, billowy yet cinematic production and such raw emotion all in one picturesque song. I can’t get this one off repeat so join me in that and hit play below on the Taz Taylor, KC Supreme and Charlie Handsome produced tune.


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