Elias Abid – Deception

Elias Abid‘s new single ‘Deception’ is now available for download and streaming across all platforms. ‘Deception’ comes as Elias’ third solo release of the year and with every release, you can hear his sound develop even further. With these three drops and producing Appleby‘s entire Happiness EP, Elias is showing us once again why he’s one of the most talented artists from Chicago.

“‘Deception’ is essentially a conversation between two partners that recently parted ways. I wanted to capture a disorienting feeling of the unknown coinciding with the often conflicting impulse to rekindle a lost flame. Small misinterpretations of intent lead to larger discussions regarding the state of your dynamic, even after making a firm decision.”

Download or stream ‘Deception’ below.

DOWNLOAD: Elias Abid – Deception

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