PARTYNEXTDOOR & Jeremih – Good Crazy x Drank

About two years ago rumors floated around about two of R&Bs strongest names PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jeremih working on a collab album together called Late Night Party. They were touring together and working on a lot of music and it was definitely a project that was coming into fruition, until the two of them ran into some conflicts while on tour together. It’s still not clear as to what exactly happened back in 2016 but among the events were Jeremih storming off stage, sending a body double another night to perform in his place and dissing Party on stage at another date during their tour, which led to Jeremih being dropped from the tour. The situation was partially due to both of their individual teams having differences and Jeremih insisted that he’s sure they’d be cool if they ran into each other again. That was what Jeremih said in a 2017 interview at least. There’s been no word on if they every officially squashed everything but they definitely need to.

Two songs that they were working on for those Late Night Party sessions recently made their way onto the internet and both of these songs are pretty incredible. Jeremih and Party work off each other beautifully on both “Good Crazy” and “Drank” and I love the dark, hazy R&B vibes they really mastered with these joints. Excuse me while I run these back over and over for the rest of the day.

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