Blockboy K – Colors!

I only post shit that I genuinely fuck with and trust me, I genuinely love this kid Blockboy K. He’s got a cloutchaser image but this kid is making some really good, fun music. He’s a 15-year-old white kid from Michigan but let me make this clear, BLOCKBOY K‘S NOT A MEME. He could very easily be a viral sensation with one fire music video and song but his music’s actually kind of incredible. He has such an effortless flow and he genuinely does not sound like he looks and he’s not doing that any favors with this recent pink dyed hair look. I really only think it’s a matter of time before he pops off in someway but let us put you onto the future legend in advance. There’s something about this 15-year-old talking about fucking thots and other go-to rapper topics and doing it so well that I love. Peep his latest song “Colors!” along with his video for “CUUTE” if you need more convincing. He’s really a Elevator video away from really making a splash.

Shouts to Gregisonfire

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