lil tracy – my bestie (DJ Akademiks Diss)

lil tracy‘s always been a bit of an outside in this rap thing for a bevy of reasons but it really seems like he’s about to get a big added dose of spotlight. The rapper who used to run with Lil Peep has been on the rise a lot recently already but him getting into some beef with DJ Akademiks is only going to make him a lot more notable.

So this rift between the rapper and hip hop personality began how most all beefs happen, over a woman. Right now lil tracy is dating Akademiks‘ ex-girlfriend Angelica Ggx. Akademiks and her split around a month ago and went onto lil tracy. I know people on the internet have been inciting this a bit and clowning on Akademiks some more. But this all heated up during a recent Akademiks Twitch stream, where he addressed the situation and essentially said that tracy is not popping and that he’s riding off Lil Peep‘s hype.

Well tonight tracy clapped back at that with a pretty well mannered new track “my bestie” that’s a bit of a love song to Angelica as well as a diss track towards Akademiks. Go ahead and play that below.

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