YBN Cordae – What’s Life (Music Video)

I just had this conversation with an A&R yesterday and it couldn’t be more true, lyrical rappers coming out these days essentially need a big name cosign or a bigger name to have them under their wing for them to really make it. YBN Cordae is an incredible talent. He’s a gifted rapper and he is versatile but still, his style is lyrical and golden age inspired at its core. Thankfully he came out wearing the YBN tag while Nahmir was at his height and Cordae’s been able to really make 2018 his bitch in so many ways. This new song and video he just dropped called “What’s Life” is certainly a testament to that. He recaps what an amazing year its been as he raps about some of the amazing things that have happened and the music video perfectly accompanies that, showing some of Cordae’s biggest moments and showing a lot of the artists he’s met including Juice WRLD, Billie Eilish, Yung Bans and more.

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