Thursday, December 2, 2021

Sophie Meiers – Wingspan (Demos) (EP Stream)

We’ve been slightly covering Sophie Meiers since 2017. She made it into one of our Soundcloud Diggin features back when we did those and never truly realized her star potential. That was when she was still mainly on Soundcloud, collaborating with some amazing producers, which just went to show how good her taste was. She’s become a full artist since then. She’s got a look, an aesthetic, all the cliche type of things a label’s looking for in an act and 2019 is definitely go time for the singer from Colorado. She just dropped this four piece new EP Wingspan (Demos). It’s a loose collection of tracks and ideas but it’s such a brilliant example of how insanely talented this girl is. Go ahead and listen for yourself. Her look is gloom pop but really her sound goes far beyond that; Sophie’s got soul too.


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