Arlo Parks – Super Sad Generation

There’s a lot of talented new artists emerging everyday but there’s a slim few that are truly astounding and Arlo Parks fits in that category for me. The South West London native is following up her breakthrough single “Cola” with something equally impressive, this new song “Super Sad Generation”. The song title readies me for some sadboy, emo, soundcloud rap type of song but Arlo is obviously not that, her sound is tangible, soulful and somewhat nostalgic while at the same time it feels so new. One thing that really stands out about her music to me is the production and how immaculate it is on all levels. This song has one of the slickest guitar loops i’ve heard in a minute, leading the song, and all the other facets of the instrumental are so clean and perfectly placed. Not to mention just how on-point Arlo’s delivery is. She has a soft, yet lively voice and she knows exactly where her pocket is. She’s making some special music right now and just remember that we warned ya!

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