dijon – Cannonball

I’d always loved abhi//dijon, ever since they were more of a secret sensation, before streaming really took over the industry. dijon has hit new heights in the last couple years, with the help of streaming and just becoming known as “dijon“, even though abhi is still very much a part of plenty of the music.

dijon is still somewhat of a secret sensation but he’s definitely found quite the audience takes in big part to streaming. To me, dijon is in rare air. He feels like the closest thing to Frank Ocean artistically right no and I don’t say that lightly. There are few artists that can make such pure, soulful music like this and he’s done it again with “Cannonball”. This song is also incredible and unmatched in every way. He’s getting ready to drop a collection of songs in March that will proceed his album that’s coming later on this year. Hopefully the world really tunes in and realizes one of the most talented artists that’s in his prime right now.

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