Los Retros – Nostalgic Vibrations

It’s funny that I post this new Stones Throw Records artist today, on J Dilla’s birthday. Like that early hip hop sound that the label started, they’ve generally shifted away from that a bit and constantly found super interesting, inventive artists to fit on the roster. One of their newest is a Oxnard native by the name of Los Retros. He feels like Cuco if he was more indie. He’s got pop influences but at his core he’s more comparable to a Mac Demarco than some popstar. His latest song is this tune called “Nostalgic Vibrations” and that title alone really explains the sound of the song. It’s purposefully a little raw sounding and it gives that perfect dusty texture to the beautiful guitar chords as well as Los Retros‘s voice. Go ahead and peep that below, this kid is really something.

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