Melvoni – Memories

I was holding this one back for a couple of days but I think Melvoni‘s at a point where he’s racking up numbers that people are starting to pick up on it by themselves. As he states to start this song, Melvoni is a teenage kid from Flatbush. He’s actually Lil Tjay‘s little brother Actually he’s not, but he did have the early co-sign, which has helped his music take off so quickly but the biggest reason is because his music is kind’ve incredible. He’s got such a pure, autotune aided sound. “Memories” shows that off atop an acoustic guitar led beat. It’s crazy just how comfortable and confident Melvoni sounds on this song and I literally haven’t taken it off repeat since it dropped Wednesday night. Go ahead and take a listen below, I’d bet all my money on this kid being next up. It’s already at 47,000 plays in 2 and a half days and it’s growing faster by the minute.

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