Laundry Day – CHA (Music Video)

If I had to put money on a craze happening about an artist before that craze has even come close to beginning, I’d put my money on Laundry Day. There’s something to that youthful, DIY aesthetic that a lot of people relate to and I think people are gonna go crazy for this New York group Laundry Day. The group is comprised of five members, all young New York kids. They’ve got a Brockhampton type of energy and those comparisons are going to flood in but they’re much different. Their sound is definitely in the alt-pop space, with it sounding very poppy and it even reminds me of some 90s boybands, but obviously much less polished and left of center. These kids have such a raw, real, magnetizing energy and the music’s amazing, especially their latest song “CHA”. Check that out up above.

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