South! f. Jammy

There’s always heat coming from the bay area but the industry never keeps it’s eyes on the scene for too long, which is a mistake, because there’s amazing talents like KEZIA just waiting to be seen. This girl’s got a sound all her own and I really don’t even know how to describe it. Her latest song “south!” is a rap song. Hokage Simon provided a slapping beat and KEZIA lays down a cool, laid back flow that fits ever so perfectly and there’s a verse from JAMMY as well that serves as such a good compliment. But KEZIA can sing too and her songs like “SAPPHIRE” and “SOULACE” are a little more traditional in that sense but really, this girl’s got this indescribable quality and aura to her that feels special. She’s doing something different already with the few songs she’s got out and I’m really excited to hear more.

Produced By

Hokage Simon

Release Date

February 8, 2021


Bay Area, CA

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