Kyle Lux – Rollin’ Stone

I’d been following Kyle Lux but I truthfully don’t even remember what his old music sounded like now that he’s deleted it all. Props to Gregisonfire to turning my head to his brand new and proper debut single “Rollin’ Stone”. The first time I hit play on “Rollin’ Stone”, it felt like the first time I heard Cautious Clay‘s “Cold War”. There’s very similar highs and lows and both songs have such beautiful, emphatic hooks. But really Kyle has a special, unique song on his hands that I really think is going to start to take him places. Kyle’s a 19-year-old native of South Carolina who’s currently a freshman at USC and this song is mainly about that feeling of that transition, a song of homesickness and uncertainty. It’s a bold and honest song from an exciting new artist. Please do check this kid out, I promise you will not regret it.

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