Harry Teardrop – 1000 Backyard Pools

Got some new sounds to hip your ear to today with Harry Teardrop. Harry’s a New York kid and NYU student and I can see 2019 really being a big breakout year for him because this kid is fucking talented. He’s a singer/guitar player with an incomparable personality that comes across boldly in his music. In the Soundcloud genre, he listed it as “DREAMO”, insinuating a combination of dream pop and screamo, which is pretty accurate but he’s nowhere near either of those genre’s extremes. Harry has a unique sound for sure and elements of different genres that undoubtedly make him who he is and listening to his latest song “1000 Backyard Pools” is proof to me that he’s really honed into what his sound definitively is and song’s as strong and powerful as this one will really propel him to new heights. Peep the new single below, it’s the lead single and title track to his forthcoming EP.

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