Bathe – Dealer

Bathe is going to be an absolute problem and we’ve been saying this since “Sure Shot” first hit the internet. The long tenured friends have been preparing for this for a while, being very patient and meticulous even in the rollout of themselves as Bathe. They know success isn’t going to happen overnight so they’re paving the road to it.

What is evident is that both Dev and Corey are immensely talented. If you’ve seen them live, you definitely got a good feel of how incredible Dev’s voice is but I don’t think either of their first two singles “Sure Shot” or “Kimmi” really demonstrated what his range is like. This new single “Dealer” definitely shows us that however. We get a feel for what Dev can do vocally over a jittery beat from Corey. Peep the new single below, it’s probably my favorite of the 3 singles thus far. Be on the lookout for their debut EP which is coming very soon.