sam.sts – Boy Who Cries

On everything, sam.sts is one of my absolute favorite up and coming artists. I need to make a playlist or something of my favorite songs of 2018 because Sam’s record “Tokyo” had to be one of my most played and the world needs to know.

sam.sts is a stellar songwriter and storyteller. The lyrics of his songs are so easy to follow along without at all being simple and I seem to always get gripped in on the first listen by what he’s saying. Nevermind all of the musical elements from the couple of guitars, the smacking drums and that hypnotic wurlitzer that are all truly phenomenal. But wait, I’m not done singing sam.sts‘s praises because he can literally sing like an angel. Well maybe not an angel because sam’s voice has a slight beautiful rawness in it that lets his emotion beautifully peek through. Peep “Boy Who Cries” below, I really hope you all can share my sentiments.

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