Harry Teardrop – 1000 Backyard Pools (EP Stream)

I’ve been obsessed with Harry Teardrop ever since I found his song “1000 Backyard Pools”. The suburban New York native and current NYU student has now let loose his full debut EP, of that same title 1000 Backyard Pools. Harry calls his sound “Dreamo” and it’s super fitting after listening to this EP. I wouldn’t say each song is “Dreamo” but the project as a whole certainly is. There’s a lot of different pockets and sounds that he reaches his hand in for influence but it still all sounds cohesive behind his hallmark layered guitars. The project sits at 5 tracks, bolstered by 4 brand new songs, a pop leaning bop “Strawberry”, the acoustic balled “Dry”, the dreamy “catch.” and last but not least the infectious rock song “Soft Serve”.

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