I came across TOKYO’S REVENGE last week and ever since there’s been three songs in this kid’s catalog that I have not been able to take off of repeat. His sound is a clear descendant of XXXTENTACION/Ski Mask The Slump God and it follows in the steps of JASIAH but he’s stylistically finding something all his own that he’s carving with his unique talent. This kid can rap and his flow is unconscious and not to mention can change tones on a song in the blink of an eye in the smoothest, most effortless manner possible. His latest song is the perfect example, as he switches from screamo-adjacent vocals when the 808s are clipping to slick rap flows. The sky could really be the limit for him and even just seeing how much his recent music is than his old stuff is such a good determinant for how high the ceiling is for Tokyo. The work ethic’s certainly there and we’re on board for the journey ahead, hopefully you’ll be joining us.

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