Lani Rose – Damaged

It’s funny because almost every popular genre or sub-genre feels saturated to me, just because music itself is very saturated but the one lane that I absolutely love that feels lacking is R&B/Soul. There’s a ton of R&B, but not a ton of soulful, organic sounding R&B, with a beat that wasn’t fully made on a computer. Lani Rose is here to add to that lane with some absolutely amazing work that the world needs to hear. The St. Louis native is only a few songs in but each one has gotten better and better. If Daniel Caesar and Chris Martin of Coldplay had a child somehow, he’d be Lani Rose. He has a Daniel Caesar vibe with a lot of Chris Martin textures in his voice.

I know I heard his music a couple months ago, but it didn’t floor me just yet. This song “Damaged” has absolutely floored me however. He’s finding new heights with his voice and how he can use it. Not to mention just how lush and textured the production is, which he did himself. Lani is certainly one of the most special new artists we’ve shared in a while, get familiar and add this song to every playlist you have.

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