vlush – WHO 250 (Album Stream)

A joint effort between Minneapolis born singer/songwriter/producer vlush and co-producer dannyTV, WHO 250 was birthed from improvised studios across the country and their unending desire to make something special. Self-dubbed impressionist-pop music, there’s no shortage of songs that ring wholly unique across WHO 250‘s 12-tracks to get caught up in and move to. Starting off with the incredibly structured, “Byof” – which finds vlush sliding in and out of pitch distorted vocals to an extremely dance-able production – they waste no time getting listeners ready for the veritable explosion that these two artists bring to the table.

While the entire project is stand-out, “Bored” featuring project frequent flyer Kas and “Goner”, take that next step even further and show off what exactly vlush has to offer. This seriously is a must-listen tape that caught me immediately, and I’m sure you’ll all love it too!

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