cehryl – Slow Motion (Album Stream)

There’s just so much music out in the ether that i’m bound to sleep on really supporting at least some amazing music that I should be backing. cehryl is a remarkable talent that I haven’t covered nearly enough that I need to speak on. It was her 2017 song “Side Effects” that properly introduced me into her world, a gorgeous tune that was sincerely one of my most played songs of the year. She’d dropped singles in the meantime from the 2017 EP and in June it culminated into her debut album Slow Motion.

cehryl has a delicate voice made of silk; it just has an indescribable yet amazing texture that my ears simply can’t get enough of. It’s cozy and inviting and it’s got me laying down on my bed right now, typing this write-up up in a pure state of bliss and comfort. This soft soul is immensely talented, she wrote, produced, created and put this project together entirely by herself, which is still such an astounding feat even for her pretty minimalist sound. This album is just packed with beautifully written songs and vibrations that I urge you to check out, they’ll make your life better.

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