Reo Cragun & Flume – Quits (EP Stream)

Reo Cragun is not talked about nearly enough. He does good streaming numbers but I feel like I don’t hear his name in people’s mouthes nearly enough. Reo is such a one of a kind melodic talent that stands apart from the pack to me so I hopefully I can turn some people’s ears onto him. There’s something about his style that’s always been indelibly catchy to me; his vocal inflections are always delectable and the boy can really sing.

Here he teamed up with superstar producer Flume for this 3-track EP Quits. Flume could make my mom sound good on a song so nevermind the magical things he could do with a talent like Reo. Each song is bringing the slaps at full force and this is sure to be one of my favorite releases of this year period. Go ahead and stream it below.

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