whiterosemoxie – bloodshot f. Cardo Knight

Shouts to my guy Webster hipping me to whiterosemoxie. It’s tough to find a new artist these days that really doesn’t sound like anything else but I truly think whiterosemoxie is in that category. His song “whitegold” is what I got put onto initially, a song that features him somewhat left of center flow center stage. He has a captivating voice and on record it comes off so naturally. His new song “bloodshot” already might be my favorite, it’s got a powerful couple of chords carrying the beat and whiterosemoxie lays his vocals down pristinely and he along with Cardo collab on a real catchy song with poignant hook. This is easily one of the toughest slappers of the week and the month, probably the damn year too. Get hip to this kid now.

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