Atwood – Careless (Music Video)

I was blissfully unaware to this kid Atwood, who’s making some pretty damn interesting music so shouts to my guy Adam for putting me on. Atwood‘s new song and music video “Careless” is off to a rocket start and for good reason. Starting with the song, Atwood has a really unique, kind’ve quirky sound. At it’s core, he’s rapping but he does it in a fun, poppy way and the hook on this song in particular is marvelous. Through and through it’s a downright amazingly written song that I can’t get enough of. Not to mention how fantastic the visuals are. It immediately reminded me of Gotye‘s classic “Somebody I Used To Know” video and the best part about it is around 2 minutes in they pay homage to that video with the face painting. The gorgeous, pastel colored music video aides the song beautifully and is certain to keep this song shooting up.

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