MLB Drippyy – Alone (Music Video)

First caught wind of MLB Drippyy when he popped up on the World Star Hip Hop YouTube, his first song that’s at least under this name to my knowledge and he had me floored. Worldstar isn’t typically the place I’d find something amazing and undiscovered but they really put me onto a special talent out of Chicago. It’s kind of mind boggling to me that not a ton of people have found his music yet. He’s the next Roddy Ricch with the right push if you ask me. Drippyy is a hood singer in the same way as Roddy and Drippyy is flawless sounding, there’s not a hitch in his voice and his ability to write good songs is insane as well. He’s four for four right now as he just dropped another new song called “Alone” that also SMACKS. Take a listen above, this kid is special.

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