Jean Dawson
90's Green Screen

I’m at the point with this blog where we’ve gotten picky on what we cover and try to only spotlight the best of the best. Jean Dawson is truly the best of the best with everything he does apparently. He’s got one of the most creative and innovative albums of the year with Bad Sports and now he’s got one of the best music videos i’ve seen all year. Granted I’m not the one to watch a lot of music video but I can recognize amazing.

Jean’s in the middle of some dry California field, of course with a green screen behind him but all the effects from Julian Klincewicz and crew are masterfully done. Jean’s posture and demeanor somehow gives me flashbacks to Kanye, it’s got something to do with the diamond mask and similarities to Ye’s VMA performance. All of this just makes for such a memorable music video, a rare feat at least in my eyes. Take a look at that above.

Produced By

Lecx Stacy

Release Date

August 14, 2019


San Diego, California

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