Hadji Gaviota – tHAt SiNkiNg feeliNg… f. Ivy Sole

It’s been inspiring to watch Hadji Gaviota‘s growth and this week he shared what might just be his best track yet. This feels like such a beginning of spring, make sneeze with the added pollen in the air song but this is a chill tune that I can rock with in all environments. It’s led by such an effortless, smooth guitar-laced backdrop thanks to Mike Mroz and Hadji knows just where to put his voice to maximize the chill vibrations. Then you’ve got Ivy Sole coming in with a staunch, but ever so perfect verse and the creme de la creme of this one is truly the bridge as the two warm souls come together to harmonize and really but the bow on an amazing song. Go ahead and hit play on that below.

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