PREMIERE: Hojean – Let Me

You need to know who Hojean immediately, so let us help. The 21-year-old Atlanta based artist is immensely talented. He’s a jack of trades, handling every nook and cranny involved in creating his warm, bubbly brand of R&B/Pop music. His output ever since 2017 has been very particular, with only 8 to choose from but he’s gotten remarkably better ever since his debut EP. Every fiber of the music has been in the gym getting stronger and he’s now got two of my favorite songs of 2019. “Memory” was a big hit on our Fashionably Early playlist, a song I had a tough time finally tearing off so we could introduce other artists. “Let Me” is sure to only be bigger.

The song starts off with a bang, booming through with the hook from the get go and those slightly ominous but beautiful 8 guitar chords that back it up and really set the tone for a song you won’t be able to get out of your head. Go ahead and take a listen or ten down below.

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