Bennett Coast – Brookside (EP Stream)

Shouts to Spotify’s Fresh Finds for pointing out an incredible new artist by the name of Bennett Coast. This is the California native’s debut project and it’s super impressive. He’s clearly a very talented musician, he produced, wrote, mixed and did everything you hear on this project himself. These songs are lush and beautiful, filled with summery guitar chords, amazing layered background vocals and just so much more that makes this such perfect end of summer music.

Bennett went from making a meme song about juuls to a luscious project like this and that progression just tells me that he’s only going to keep getting better at an exponential rate. He’s already one of my favorite new artists off of just must third run through of the project, go ahead and check it out below, I guarantee you’ll feel that same way as me.

He also dropped a music video for the lead song “Mateo Bridge” that you should watch below, assuming that you’re going to be gobbling up everything there is from Bennett once you realize how good this is.

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