Levi Watson – Daydreaming As the World Ends (EP Stream)

My rap tastes have changed so much over the years. There was a phase in my life where underground, lyrical miracle type of raps would have me drooling as well as a phase where I’d listen to Future only for days at a time and so on. Point being, it’s come along way, to a point where I feel like I can appreciate good music for good music and this kid Levi Watson is good music, but he can fucking rap.

It’s a tough skill to use big words in rap, especially in 2019 and not sound corny but Levi has that skill. You’d think he had a thesaurus on hand in the booth, his vernacular is truly mesmerizing and it got me in a lyricism bag today. I’m fiending to bump some MF DOOM and Aesop Rock now. But truly the best thing about Levi is his music sounds nothing like that typical kind of lyrical rap that you’d expect. The 6 song EP is gorgeously electronic. Synths are billowing over each track and it really creates a one of a kind soundscape for the Atlanta rapper.

I’m excited to see him keep building upon this sound because he’s truly trekking out into unknown territories but slowly laying down the pavement that’s needed to pave out this lane all his own.

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