Shoreline Mafia – Party Pack Vol. 2 (Album)

Shoreline Mafia‘s path has been awesome to watch. They had a couple big songs on YouTube in 2017 and they had a huge moment, it really helped bring more attention to LA and just really put them on the map. That moment faded, some people counted them out insanely quick but these guys have been steadily rising again ever since. They’ve truly been developing as artists and as a brand and I truly feel like they’re right around the corner from a huge moment.

They just dropped this brand new project Party Pack Vol. 2 that diehard fans and new fans alike will all enjoy. They brought in features from Curren$y,, Mac P Dawg as well as both Drakeo The Ruler and 03 Greedo. 9 great new songs for everyone to enjoy. Take a listen below.

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