TNGHT – Serpent

What really catapulted Hudson Mohawke and Lunice was the cult success that their wildly creative TNGHT side-project earned. “Higher Ground” is a bonafide classic at this point, it’s been used in commercials, at sporting events, everywhere. Even if you don’t know the song, odds are you’ve unconsciously heard it somewhere in your life. The Scotish and the Canadian split up in 2013 to do their own thing, the split didn’t appear amicable from the outside so a return anytime soon was kind’ve written off.

Well it hasn’t been that soon but 6 years isn’t too bad of a wait for the two beatsmiths to reconvene on some music. As you could expect, this one’s off the wall in the best way possible. “Serpent” sounds like they exclusively used items that they found around the house, from an exercise ball to an assortment of vocal chants. It’s a fun, percussive track and I really hope this is just the first of a project to come. Take a listen below.

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