Rema – Bad Commando (EP Stream)

Some of the other music blogs throw around the term star real loosely but I like to keep that word a little more tightly packed. I dish it out to artists I truly believe can be a big, worldwide act. Following in the steps of Burna Boy, there’s no doubt in my mind that Rema is heading towards something big. The Nigerian artist has all the intangibles and the music is pretty damn amazing to my ears and many others. This week he just let loose another new EP, this one called Bad Commando. It’s a little lighter on the American influence than the last EP, this one shows it’s afro roots but still where I think he shines the best is on a crazy song like the EP’s closer “Spaceship Jocelyn”. It’s a meeting of the two words as Rema belts out some otherworldly melodies.

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