MAVI – Let the Sun Talk (Album Stream)

I’ve got so much admiration for MAVI. The North Carolina rapper’s got such a pure and true expression through his music, making the music he wants to make, the way he wants to and that sound of his has gotten oh so good and he’s steadily drumming up such a strong fanbase with it. His style is off-kilter for 2019, comparable to Earl Sweatshirt as everyone who knows MAVI will tell you, but there’s a lot more to MAVI than that. Firstly the beats just hit a warm spot with me. To this day, my favorite producer’s gotta be Madlib, who just held such a special place in young teenage me’s heart and some of the beats on this project give me that feel. There’s tremendous sample flips all over the album and MAVI weaves words and flows through and around them like a grandma’s nimble fingers crocheting some yarn. That on top of the amazing soundclips he pieces together make this such a great, compelling listen from top to bottom.

He dropped this album 10 days ago actually, as one 32-minute track on Soundcloud that he didn’t even separate into tracks. It’s been gaining so much buzz off of just that alone and now that the album’s on all platforms we can all really feast. Definitely set aside some time and listen to this album again and again and again.

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