Ben Chandler – Everytime x Out of my Head

I’m so upset at myself for not knowing that there was some new Ben Chandler out in the universe and I had no idea for 10 days. Ben is one of quite a few talented artists to come from the Naples scene. Dominic Fike breaking through in a major way and absorbing a ridiculous amount of industry attention really put the spotlight on Naples for a moment. There’s guys like Nate Traveller, ripmattblack and Dom’s own brother Alx that surely benefited from it. Then there’s also Ben Chandler, a quiet but immensely talented face in that crowd. He’s released very little music but all of it has had glimmers of greatness.

He just dropped two new songs “Everytime” and “Out of my Head” and I’m obsessed. Ben has such a pure, raw sound that comes across in different ways. “Everytime” is the kind’ve song that could be used in countless film/tv soundtracks. It’s the type of beautiful song that makes a sappy film powerful. Then “Out of my Head”, for lack of a better term, has a Dominic Fike type of bop to it. But Ben’s vocals come across so much different, with such different passion and delivery.

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