Jean Dawson – Ooga Booga

I’m going to make some grand personal statements in this post that may be a little exaggerated because I’m geeking off of this song, please be advised.

California native Jean Dawson truly must be my favorite new artist of 2019. There’s no one making music that’s anything close to this. Jean can tackle the absurdest sounds and mash them all together and make a edgy yet super catchy song time and time again and we’ve got that here with “Ooga Booga”. The song’s produced by Lecx Stacy whom we’ve covered as a solo artist over here but he really makes an enormous impact on this song. This one’s a trashing electronic symphony that’s truly going to take you on a 3 and a half minute journey that has you guessing at every step what’s next. But you truly can’t predict what’s next, it’s a gorgeously, atypically structured song that I cannot stop replaying. Take a listen below.

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