KAYTRANADA – 10% f. Kali Uchis

I’ve been patiently waiting on the next KAYTRANADA single ever since I finished my first listen of his last album 99.9%. Not because it wasn’t good enough, simply because i’m addicted and a glutton for that KAYTRANADA bounce. The Montreal born producer announced on Twitter last month that the new album was finished and without wasting much time, he delivered us the first single “10%” featuring Kali Uchis.

Per usual, the drums are knocking, the synths are the most beautiful thing on earth at the moment and Kali Uchis sounds gorgeous atop it. Not to mention this song is a damn theme song for me, for all the uncredited and unfulfilled work and help i’ve done, “you keep on taking from me but where’s my 10%” truly describes my life.

I know I’m kind’ve burying the lede here for all my journalism folks but I came across this mid-writing and I’m not a real writer, it’s just a cognitive stream of consciousness. KAYTRANADA also announced that that new album is titled BUBBA and it’s coming out, THIS WEEK, THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH. Go ahead and listen to the new single below and prepare folks.

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