Ponyboy FTO – Fast Car

Just got put on to Ponyboy FTO via a friend and wow, I’m still floored. I still don’t have much information on him other than that he’s a super talented kid from the Bay Area, his name is inspired by Ponyboy from The Outsiders, and that I can’t get enough of his golden brand of breezy, beautiful Ponyboy music. He’s only got 4 (well 5) songs to his name so far but each has progressively gotten better. “Fast Car” is his latest, and I can’t properly put into context how well this song is written. From a kid with no coverage yet and just a few songs out, his sound is bounds beyond where most artists are at this stage. He also has such a delightful voice, filled with passion and vibrato, he’s got such a sweet tone that doesn’t even sound like it’s found its peak yet.

I’m super excited to watch what Ponyboy FTO can develop into, there is no ceiling. Just hit play below and I think you’ll be joining me in running this on repeat