Stevan – Warm

I’ve been saying this a bunch the last two years but there is something special happening over in Australia. Outside of their bustling rap scene, I’ve been closing following two different sounds that have been spreading. There’s been the bouncy electronic movement led by artists like Tentendo, Jordan Dennis, Billy Davis, Blush’ko (fka Blasko), etc and then there’s this alt-indie sound with hints of hip-hop and soul blended in. To me, BLESSED & Stevan seem to have that niche on lock. The latter only has five songs to his name but the 17 year old has an insane amount of talent. ‘Warm’ feels like a Kid Cudi inspired indie-pop record that has an absolutely infectious chorus and polished instrumental. Stevan‘s planning on dropping his debut album in 2020 and we are stoked to hear what the talent has for us.

Stream ‘Warm’ below or view the music video above.

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