Jazz Ingram, Kenny Mason & DavidTheTragic
time. (EP)

I’ve quietly known about these guys for a while, Jazz Ingram being the most prominent, he made his way onto here back in 2017 on a random Soundcloud Digging feature that we used to do. To see the growth since then has been amazing, and 2020’s looking super bright for this group of Atlanta kids. Jazz is joined by Kenny Mason who’s been the talk of the town as of late and one of the most anticipated new artists of 2020. Then they’ve also got DavidTheTragic as well as Jelani Imani rounding out the crew (even though he’s only listed as a feature because he’s on 2 of the 3 songs).

They’ve done plenty of songs together before, (you can find a lot of them here) but this is the first collaboration to go onto all streaming platforms. It’s three tracks long but I’m stuck on the opener “New Jersey”. An absolute banger in the strongest sense of the word “New Jersey” packs some 808 kicks that hit with the force, and on top of that all 4 of them lay down such charismatic, memorable flows that I absolutely cannot get it off repeat. If you’re not already familiar, do yourself a favor and get in tune and hit play below.

Produced By

DvDx & Yourfriendkami

Release Date

January 11, 2020


Atlanta, GA

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