bloody white – a message to that girl i fell in love with.

Do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled for bloody white in 2020. He’s a kid we’ve been covering since 2018 and he’s been quietly plotting after a slow output last year. All that means is that this year certainly has a lot of new music and moves in store for us. The California native has a bevy of different styles and pockets but he started this new year off on a super somber note. The title of the track says it all, with all lowercase letters and a period for emphasis on the sad mood at hand. It’s a short but gorgeous song of bloody just letting his heart leak out as he pens some beautiful musical poetry.

“a message to that girl i fell in love with is self explanatory” says bloody, “this song is probably the most straight from the heart writing i’ve done.” That’s something that’s super apparent even from the bare bones structure of the song. It’s purely his vocals, the piano and vinyl crackle effect until there’s a couple more added sounds towards the end that assist in really making you feel this song in your chest. With that being said, no matter what mood you’re in, there’s a lot to appreciate here. Definitely get familiar with right the f*ck now.

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