Laraw – Breakup Tutorial

Oh boy do we have a treat here. At the time of writing this, Laraw has 35 Soundcloud followers and a handful of songs out. That follower number is about to increase tenfold thanks to the release of this riveting new single ‘Breakup Tutorial’. The Montreal based artist has crafted one of the best songs we have heard so far this year. The song beautifully conveys the feeling of a breakup and gradually builds lyrically and sonically throughout the song. The production turns explosive for the final chorus and man, it is just so powerful. The chorus on ‘Breakup Tutorial’ is only three words but that is all that is needed for the message to resonate on this song. Get ready to get in your feelings and stay there because ‘Breakup Tutorial’ was made for the repeat button.

Stream ‘Breakup Tutorial’ below.

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