Lil Randy 1300 – No More Sorrow

Chicago has another talent to keep your eyes on. Lil Randy 1300 has kept a steady stream of releases coming over the past year but he saw one of his biggest moments with the release of ‘Mama I Made It’ last month. The song is a remix of R. Kelly‘s single ‘The World’s Greatest’ and has already cleared one million views on YouTube. He’s moving onto some more original material with this new release ‘No More Sorrow’ which fits perfectly into the burgeoning emotional melodic rap sound that is starting to take over the charts. This release has all the workings to do damage – great performance, perfect beat and a well shot video. Only time will tell if this is the one that takes things to a new level from Lil Randy. Keep an eye on the kid regardless.

Watch the video for ‘No More Sorrow’ above.

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